Trend watch: Sophisticated beer accessories

Trend watch: Sophisticated beer accessories


I’m not a beer drinker, but I put my personal differences with ale aside to round up an assortment of sophisticated beer accessories for this week’s suds-themed Time Out New York. I found grown-up items that will help you graduate from Solo cups and beer pong, such as a galvanized ice bucket, letterpress beer-tasting coasters and a wooden home-brewing game.

To see the full lineup, click on over here.

New store: Rouge New York

Rouge New York


I’ve never watched Law & Order: SVU, but it was still thrilling to meet actress Stephanie March and makeup artist Rebecca Perkins, who bonded on the set of the popular television series. The pair recently opened this makeup-only salon that aims to make professional cosmetic applications as accessible as a blowout or manicure. I had the pleasure of getting my face done there on opening day and wrote about it for Time Out New York.

You can read all the details of what they offer here.

Trend watch: Travel jewelry storage


In the past, I’ve always used jewelry rolls to transport my baubles on trips, but I was pleasantly surprised at the array of other options available while researching this roundup of travel jewelry storage for Time Out New York. Among my finds are Lori Leigh Designs’s filing cabinet–like cases and So Pretty Jewelry’s storage handbags (and yes, the very same Stella & Dot clutch I use myself).

See what else I unearthed here.

In a New York minute: Lady Liperty lip facial


One of the columns I introduced to Time Out New York‘s Shopping & Style section is “In a New York minute,” which profiles new express beauty services that cater to busy New Yorkers. In this latest installment, I visited the Red Door for a so-called lip facial that exfoliates chapped lips in 15 minutes flat. While the result was temporary, it was a welcome reprieve from a common winter beauty nuisance.

You can read an in-depth rundown of the treatment here.

Trend watch: Watches with whimsical faces

Trend watch: Watches with whimsical faces


In honor of New Year’s Eve, when all eyes are on the clock during the countdown, I sought out timepieces with fanciful faces that’ll give you something entertaining to look at for Time Out New York. I especially got a kick out of TKO’s emoji watch when I spotted it a spring preview a few months ago since I routinely have text conversations exclusively using the characters.

Find out what else made the cut here.

Trend watch: Fitness tanks with built-in bras

Trend watch: Fitness tanks with built-in bras


I first encountered this genius two-in-one design while on a shoot for my Street fashion with Christine Bibbo Herr piece this past summer; one of the gymgoers we featured had on Lululemon’s No Limits tank and I realized just how popular the garment was while searching for a doppelganger for the story—there are endless online threads dedicated to uncovering more affordable dupes. Turns out there are plenty of them out there: I rounded up a handful of options for Time Out New York just in time for New Year fitness resolutions to kick in.

To see all ten styles, including the original, click here.

Most stylish New Yorkers: Ann Yee

Most stylish New Yorkers: Ann Yee


I first encountered womenswear designer Ann Yee three years ago, when I attended and wrote about her Spring 2011 Fashion Week presentation. I noticed a juxtaposition of masculine and feminine in her designs and it appears that study in contrast carries over to her personal style. All of the winter outfits she chose to model for Time Out New York balance this girly-meets-tomboy aesthetic, and are punctuated by chunky jewelry, comfortable shoes, chic hats and her signature fuchsia lipstick.

You can see all of her richly layered looks—and my similar product suggestions—here.

Shop your closet for the holidays


A few months ago, I had coffee with the co-founders of Zady, a new ethically minded e-commerce site based in New York. Since the company is all about mindful consumption, our conversation turned to fast-fashion fatigue and I mentioned how I’ve come to prefer finding different ways to wear my old clothes rather than purchasing new ones. This idea of “shopping your closet” resonated with them—so much that they had me write a piece on the five essential pieces men and women should (and likely do) have in their wardrobes for holiday-party dressing.

Find out which items made the cut here.

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Spray beauty products

Spray beauty

A considerable part of my morning routine is devoted to my skincare regimen and makeup, so when I came across beauty products in spray form, I practically did a happy dance at my desk. The easy applicators shave minutes off the getting-ready process and come in all sorts of surprising formulations: foundations, face masks, CC creams and even a facial peel. Find out what else I unearthed in spray form here.


Trend watch: Contrast-sleeve coats

Trend watch contrast-sleeve coats


One thing I’ve learned living through several New York City winters is that your coat can often be the only thing people see on you on any given day, so you might as well treat it like an important part of your outfit. I’ve noticed contrast sleeves as a big outerwear trend this season, and love how the mixed patterns and textures add visual interest. I rounded up a few of my favorites for this week’s Time Out New York, which you can see here.